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Kevin Dublin

What's your name?

Kevin Dublin

What are some things you're proud of having done?

I've been trying photography more and thinking about still images in terms of making photos instead of taking them, and I feel like I've done it a few times!

What are some things you're excited about doing soon?

- Probably most excited about what The Living Room has the potential to become and that I'm actively taking steps to get there with the support of so many friends.

- Getting back to writing poetry on demand in public. Just me, some photos, some strangers, a typewriter, and poems that couldn't have been created any other way and passed along to another human who has shared a piece of themselves with me.

- Playing games again when my Steam Deck arrives.

- Making zines and poetry art books by hand again

- Shooting a narrative short film

- Reading the sequel to Dante & Aristotle Discover the Secrets of the Universe after I catch up on my queue of poetry collections

What are some things that have been inspiring to you lately?

Conversations with people I don't know, and who I likely will not talk to again. I forgot how intensely I enjoy having deep conversations without any stress of any logistics in the background.

Also Wingspan. Also birds. I really want to learn more about them / be able to know them by name.

Where can we find your work?

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