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Nik Vik

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

What's your name? Nik Vik What are some things that you've done so far that you're really proud of or really happy about? I'm really proud of the films I have made, the stories I have written, and the performances that I've done! What are some things you're excited about doing soon? I'm excited to film again! I've written a good amount of short scripts between the start of the pandemic and now and I'm at the point in which I cannot stop picturing them as films. I've already started pre-production on one and it seems next I'll need to find the cast and crew. I've also been working on a web comic with a friend that is slowly coming together and that has me excited, too! What are some things that have been inspiring to you lately? The lovely people in my life have always inspired me the most. Yes, there are works out there that get my brain turning, but as much as I think of ideas of what to create, it's the close ones around me that encourage and inspire me to actually do them. Their support fuels me through any creative endeavor and makes me more eager to see the end result so I may enjoy the final product with them. If people want to follow you online, where should they look? You can follow me on Instagram @isthisnikvik where you can get sporadic posting of the random things I do! I also have a Twitter account for my screenwriting called @notnikvik.

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