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Patrick Canfield

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

What are some things that you've done so far that you're really proud of or really happy about?

Getting to host drink and draw in person on the regular. It feels good to know I'm building community, developing drawing skills, and keeping this city weird.

What are some things you're excited about doing soon?

Making video games and comics.

Going back to Japan some time soon.

What are some things that have been inspiring to you lately?

I like to go out and explore on my own sometimes. I love being stopped in my tracks by a view of the city, the bay, the ocean or mountains from a surprising new vantage point, or interacting with the fog and sunlight in an interesting way. That's often something I've been mulling over will click in to place.

Also, playful conversations with my housemates. We have a tendency to spin amusing myths out of unexplained phenomena or "yes, and" our mistakes.

If people want to follow you online, where should they look?

My IG: @patreeceeo

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